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Welcome to Gonstead Chiropractor Clinic London

Gonstead Clinics UK, Established in 1992 by Dr Antoni Jakubowski, D.C. (Dr of Chiropractic), is the most established Gonstead Clinic in the UK and is World renowned for its successful Chiropractic treatment and resulting pain relief of Back Pain, Neck & Shoulder Pain, Headaches  and Herniated Discs. Antoni has been a London Chiropactor for 24 years and treats many of the worlds leading stars of film and sport and he has extensive experience in golf, football, formula one, rugby, rowing, cricket and tennis. The Gonstead method of chiropractic treatment is highly recommended in the treatment of sporting injuries, work-place related occupational stresses and musculoskeletal complaints as well as treating the rigors of everyday life. In 2000, Dr. Jakubowski was honored with the Gonstead Seminar of Chiropractics “Best of the Best” award.

Golf Injuries

In the game of golf, Back and Joint related pain is an epidemic. Professional and amateurs all have it and if they don’t now, they soon will. Read More..

Office Ergonomics

Ergonomics is about ensuring a good fit between people and their workplace. Read More..

12 Helpful Hints for Spinal Health and Treatment

Helpful tips to help maximise your recovery and manage symptoms. Read More..

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Gonstead Clinics UK
25 Harmont Hse, 20 Harley Str
London W1G 9PJ

Phone: (020) 7637 2920